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A flood, fire, sewage backup or any disaster and just leave the stops you from operating portion. JV Restoration has the expertise  to respond to your situation.

Modern Living Room

Our main focus is to minimize water damage to your property and in result reduce restoration costs.

will take complete care of you and guide you through the entire process of getting your property back to normal as quickly as possible



When you’re dealing with water damage it’s crucial that you act quickly in order to minimize the destruction. Your first port of call is to avoid further damage by plugging the leak or stopping the flooding. From there, you and your water damage restoration company can get to work undoing any damage and making repairs to your belongings and your property.




If your have property damage from a weather-related disaster, you can trust JV Restorations to get your property restored quickly and properly. Contact us today if you need wind or weather damage restoration services.




​The fire smoke restoration process can reverse the damage caused by a fire in your home or business premises so that you are able to get back to normal living as quickly as possible.

We will not only offer restoration but also renovation. We can  repair your property and actually leave it looking better than it did at the start. This can be something of a silver lining – if you’re stressed and upset because your furniture has been ruined, we can turn this into an opportunity to renovate your property and to enjoy having a completely new redesign.



Remediation is important and often legally necessary to continue the use of your property. Certain contaminants pose a serious health risk and can potentially harm the environment.

A contaminated home or business means that your life and livelihood are put on hold. At JV Restorations, we take your well-being to heart when we undertake an environmental remediation project on your property. Contact us today to make your home or business safe.

Mould Removal.jpeg

Mould Removal
Mould Remediation

Mould is a serious problem in any home or business premises and can not only damage the property itself but also lead to numerous health issues. Fortunately, mould removal is relatively easy as long as you act quickly and you find the right company to help.



Contact us today if you need mould removal services.





Asbestos is a dangerous substance which was commonly used in buildings as insulation and for fire proofing, before its damaging properties became known. Damaging fibres can be released into the air and inhaled which leads to asbestos-related diseases such as cancer. 

If asbestos is present in your home or business, asbestos removal is necessary to protect the health of your family or employees.

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JV Restorations provides a wide range of construction services, from general contracting to large-scale developments.


Our  construction services include: Concrete Work, Foundation Repairs, Painting, Drywall, Drywall Repairs, Flooring Installation and Removal, Kitchen Renovations, Bathroom  Remodelling,

Basement Renovations and more

Home Renovation


Whether you need help restoring your home after a flood or rebuilding a property that’s been damaged by fire, the team at JV Restoration is standing by to help. We serve an expansive coverage area that includes the Toronto  and surrounding areas, and we look forward to working with you on your upcoming reconstruction or restoration project. 


A knowledgeable member of our team will consult with you by phone and schedule an appointment to provide you with an estimate for your project at your earliest convenience.

Concrete Restoration9.JPG

concrete restoration

Concrete restoration is the process of restoring a concrete surface back to its original (or even better) condition. Concrete restoration and concrete repair is used fairly interchangeably but we like to make the distinction as follows.


Concrete repairs being more on the side of purely fixing the structural issue with the concrete while concrete restoration takes care of both the structural issue and makes sure the visual aesthetics are good as well. In the past, restoring concrete basically meant tearing it up, removing it, and replacing the entire structure.


Sanitizing Elevator

Sanitizing & Disinfecting Service

24/7 Emergency Service, Professional Deep Cleaning, Disinfection & Sanitizing Services. Warehouses, Healthcare Facilities, Offices, Nursing Homes, Homes, Churches, Schools & Retail. 24 Hour

We introduce a new service – sanitizing and disinfecting for both residential and commercial premises. The services include:

• Residential and commercial spray
• Steam cleaning for upholstery
• Steam cleaning for area rugs and carpets
• HVAC spray
• Tile and grout disinfection
• Drapery and Oriental carpets steam cleaning
• Floor sterilization and disinfecting

Tell us about your project today.

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